Published Mar 13, 2024
By QRDO Foundation

Airdrop for QPIP-5 and QPIP-6 Participation

Over the recent weeks, we've seen a flurry of activity within our community governance initiatives, with numerous proposals making the leap from forum discussions to formal voting on the Snapshot platform. Among these, QPIP-5 stood out by offering an incentive of 1 million QRDO tokens to encourage community participation in the voting for both QPIP-5 and QPIP-6. These rewards have boosted the participation and have contributed to the massive increase of locked tokens in staking.

The distribution of these rewards was calculated by averaging the voting power recorded in both polls, with the total incentive capped at 1 million QRDOs. This innovative approach aimed to boost engagement and ensure that our community's voice is heard in these crucial decisions.

For those interested in the specifics, including the list of voting wallets, the voting power associated with each proposal, and the details of the QRDO airdrop, all can be found in the following link. All this information is transparently provided and accessible on the Snapshot platform. This ensures that our process remains open and accountable to the community we serve.

As demanded by the community, QPIP-7 to be announced this week will include an additional section to incentivize participation.