Published Jun 17, 2024
By OCP Team

OIP-1 Update and Airdrop Rewards

Dear OCP Community,

We are pleased to inform you that we have implemented all the changes from the OIP-1 governance proposal approved on June 12th 2024.

Snapshot Space Voting Power Update

We have updated the Snapshot space as per OIP-1 to calculate voting power only from staking contracts above one month as stated on the proposal.

Strategies removed from Snapshot for calculating voting power include:

  • Balance of ERC20 token on an address

  • Sablier vesting contract (non-withdrawn amount)

  • Contract call balance of ERC20 token for contract 0xE28c1a85268B081CbaeA8B71e3464E132aA8a0d4

Moving forward, the only available strategy to calculate voting power will be “contract call with balance of ERC20”:

  • 1-month staking contract: 0xeC8FC8F622d5dA70162285FA76e896AB403BF1B3

  • 3-month staking contract: 0xc8fee8f78aBC7ba5fF314091Dc64240Bdd36b794

  • 6-month staking contract: 0x5E5A1Ee6BeA02D24B19C322006614902ED638Ba5

If any holder wants to participate in future governance events, they must stake in one of these contracts.

Airdrop Reward for OIP Participants

As stated in OIP-0, participation in the OIP-1 voting entitles participants to a reward of 1M OPEN tokens to be shared among them. The full list of participants can be found, as always, in the OCP space on Snapshot.

We had 109 participants with a total voting power of 29.2M OPEN tokens. The proposal was approved by 95.33%.

Users can connect to Sablier Airstream with their voting wallet and claim their airdrop through the provided link.

We have set up a public tracker of all voting addresses and allocated rewards for transparency. All voting addresses, power, and rewards can also be publicly audited on-chain through Snapshot and Sablier.

During the past months, active participants in the QRDO ecosystem have been eligible for and received multiple airdrops, including WARD, HERO, and transitioned to OPEN. As the OCP Foundation continues to work in this area, remaining an active participant will be crucial for receiving additional future coming rewards from new upcoming projects.