QRDO Foundation AMA with Warden Protocol

Published Feb 5, 2024
By QRDO Foundation

Last week was a huge week for the QRDO community. We saw the launch of Warden Protocol, with its upcoming airdrop for QRDO holders, and the announcement from Fusion Labs about their upcoming plans for Fusionchain.

On Wednesday 31 January, the QRDO Foundation held an AMA with the Warden Protocol and the gigachad Core Developers behind it, EQ Lab.

Want to understand what the Warden Protocol is, and why it will bring value to all QRDO holders? Please read the AMA recap here:

FAQ from QRDO Foundation, EQ Lab, and Warden Protocol AMA

1. What is the focus of the QRDO Foundation, and why now?

The QRDO Foundation is dedicated to safeguarding and nurturing the Qredo Network ecosystem and the QRDO token. The focus is to build value for QRDO token holders through a dedicated team.

2. How does the QRDO Foundation benefit QRDO holders?

The foundation's singular mission is to search for ways to build value for QRDO token holders, ensuring their interests are a top priority.

3. What is the difference between Fusionchain Testnet and Warden Protocol?

We cannot speak on behalf of the Fusionchain devs - the Warden Protocol, developed by EQ Lab, is a powerful intent-powered protocol that allows users to build objectives for their assets with granular control over transactions and supports simple and complex use cases.

4. Will the QRDO Foundation support new protocols and projects?

Yes, the foundation is committed to supporting any project that brings value to QRDO token holders.

5. What is EQ Lab's role in this adventure, and what is its experience?

EQ Lab is a software engineering house with 20 qualified blockchain developers. They specialize in permissionless applications and are bringing their expertise to build the Warden Protocol.

6. What are the key features of Warden Protocol, and how is it different from other Cosmos SDK chains?

Warden Protocol is an intent-powered protocol enabling users to set objectives for their assets. It serves as a primitive for builders to deploy applications into Cosmos with built-in interoperability mechanisms.

7. Will Warden Protocol connect to IBC and partner with other Cosmos and EVM projects?

Yes, Warden Protocol plans to connect to major protocols using IBC, including Cosmoshub, Osmosis, DyDx, Celestia, etc. Partnerships with validators, keychain providers, and wallets are also in the pipeline.

8. How would end-users utilize Warden Protocol with a working example?

For retail users, Warden Protocol provides a dashboard to manage wallet addresses, transactions, and DeFi activities across EVM and Cosmos. For builders, it allows the generation of addresses and signatures for deploying applications across multiple blockchains.

9. Is Warden Protocol an evolution of Qredo, and what happens to QredoChain and dMPC?

Warden Protocol is not an evolution of Qredo. Qredo and QredoChain have their own path. Warden Protocol is a new protocol focussing in building an intent-centric interoperability protocol in Cosmos, which intends to airdrop its native utility token, WARD, to QRDO holders.

10. Will anyone be able to connect to Warden Protocol, and will the Foundation support projects building on it?

Warden Protocol is permissionless, allowing anyone to connect, and the Warden team will support projects building on it.

11. What's the significance of the logo change for QRDO?

The logo change is part of a planned refresh for the QRDO image, signaling a new start while maintaining the core focus on building value for the QRDO ecosystem.

12. Has the focus shifted from plug-and-play custody solutions to narratives to appreciate the price?

The focus remains on open custody and key management protocols. The foundation aims to spread positivity within the community and recognizes the need for positive news.

13. How will the Foundation bring value to long-term QRDO holders when focusing on other coins?

QRDO remains the core focus, but projects adopting QRDO or building value for QRDO holders are seen as positive for the community.

14. When can we expect the roadmap for Warden Protocol?

The initial roadmap is available on the website, with more detailed updates expected to be shared with the community soon.

15. Will there be monthly AMAs?

Yes, a monthly AMA is planned to keep the community updated on developments.

16. What is Fusionchain relationship with QRDO?

Fusionchain is a new protocol developed by Fusion Lab’ss team. DifferentThis is a separate initiative fromto the Warden Protocol. and both projects aim to add value to eachother, and to existing QRDO holders.

“Fusion Lab’s team will focus solely on a new platform seeded at Qredo, called Fusionchain, and next- generation multi-party computation (“MPC”) node technology. The launch of Fusionchain will be accompanied by the migration of the QRDO token to the Cosmos ecosystem, a leading nexus of innovation in the digital asset ecosystem. The token migration will increase utility under revamped tokenomics. Additional information regarding the launch of Fusionchain, the token migration, tokenomics, and strategic plans for Fusion Labs will be communicated in the near future”. You can read more here.