QRDO Utility

Published Jan 29, 2024
By Josh Goodbody

The QRDO Foundation is dedicated to advancing the adoption of QRDO, incubating more usecase for QRDO and furthering the development of open custody primitives.

The QRDO token in 2024 will be taking a new role, centre stage as an origin token, being eligible for various airdrops and swap events in the Cosmos ecosystem.

The first of these announced will be the WARD token, the native utility token for the Warden Protocol, and soon the plans for the Fusionchain token will be announced.

The QRDO Foundation’s commitment is to:

  • Facilitate community governance: make sure the QRDO token holder community has a strong voice in the development of the protocol.

  • Boost the growth of the protocol: whether through hosting hackathons, organising developer grants, or building tooling, the QRDO Foundation will be an active contributor to the ecosystem.

  • Championing QRDO token adoption through dedicated Marketing and Social resource with a dedicated team of marketeers that have a single focus.