The QRDO Foundation

Published Jan 29, 2024
By Josh Goodbody

The Foundation’s Mission

The QRDO Foundation has a clear mission: to safeguard and nurture the Qredo Network ecosystem and the QRDO token.  We have created a short TL;DR about the QRDO token value proposition going forward, establishing QRDO as a new origin token for future airdrops and continued utility for the Qredochain. 

Within this mission, there are a few key objectives:

  • Facilitate community governance: make sure the QRDO tokenholder community has a strong voice in the development of the protocol.

  • Boosting the growth of the protocol: whether through hosting hackathons, organising developer grants, or building tooling, the QRDO Foundation will be an active contributor to the ecosystem.

  • Championing protocol and QRDO token adoption through dedicated Marketing and Social resources: a dedicated team of marketeers that have a single focus. 

What’s Ahead?

Throughout 2023 Qredo has been building an open source primitive, Fusionchain, a Cosmos-based custody protocol. The vision, in building Fusion, was to build an opensource primitive where builders can deploy applications in a permissionless way, leveraging Qredo’s expertise in key management. The core developers of Fusionchain continue to build out this exciting vision, and we are looking forward to supporting them realise their ambitious vision in the near future. 

As a separate initiative, EQ Lab, a renowned blockchain developer lab, has partnered with the QRDO Foundation to build the Warden Protocol. The Warden Protocol is a modular intent-centric blockchain built on the Cosmos-SDK. At its most basic level, it enables users to create Spaces and Wallets on various blockchains, and govern their activity through on-chain intents. Complex multi-leg transactions can be built, and cross-chain activity protected via complex intents, all enforced on-chain by the Warden Protocol.

EQ Lab will also build SpaceWarden, a Cosmos-based platform for multichain asset management and governance. Initial products coming to the Warden Protocol include:

  •, a liquid staking hub for Cosmos that puts existing liquid staking tokens to work;

  • WARDD, a USD-pegged decentralized stablecoin that provides Warden users with instant access to dollar liquidity; and

  • Marginly, a pluggable protocol for decentralized funding pools that enable margin trading on any spot DEX

The Warden Protocol plans to introduce the WARD token via a fair launch mechanism.This launch will take place without any pre-mine or investor allocations, with eligibility for an incentivised WARD-swap extending first to existing QRDO holders. The Warden Protocol team will outline eligibility criteria in further detail shortly.

We are looking forward to a productive year of building!

QRDO Foundation Team